...... inspired by nature

horse mug in red stoneware  porcelain horse mug 

Susan has captured her love for the beauty and dramatic movement of horses in this unique body of work, developed most recently in collaboration with GREENBRIDGE POTTERY. Her current horse series mugs, vases & bowls are thrown and sculpted in bas-relief of both classical porcelain clay and Greenbridge Pottery's signature deep red stoneware clay. Rebecca Moy Behre of Greenbridge specially created the aqua celadon glaze used on these works to subtly but lusciously accentuate the richly detailed handcarving and modeled surfaces.
    Customers can find the best variety of these works at Greenbridge Pottery's Gallery (open Saturdays 10-5 & Sundays 1-5) and will soon be able purchase selected items online clicking on the link here and above to go to Greenbridge Pottery's online store to see what is currently available.

horse sculpture   

  To contact Susan call (202) 361 - 0859 or (703) 836 - 2585
or email Susan c/o Greenbridge Pottery at Orders@Greenbridgepottery.com Attn: Susan